3:00 PM15:00

White Truffle Hunt

The season has begun for the highly priced white truffle which can be found on the Villa Lena estate. Join our local guide Morgan Gonzales and his Lagotto Romagnola dogs for a morning walk and hunt through the woodlands. 

Price: 15 Euro per person

Location: San Michele  

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to Oct 8

Meet the Artists

This week we welcome our forth group of resident artists to Villa Lena. At the start of every residency period we invite each artist-in-residence to give a short 5 minute presentation introducing their practice, their inspirations and what they hope to work on while here at Villa Lena.

Location: Screening room Fattoria

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3:30 AM03:30

Film Club Special

Special event Artist film Screening: "Zephra" by Bob Gallagher.

After apocalyptic events claim the lives of his wife and son, John survives in a mountain bothy in the remote Scottish highlands. When his water supply becomes contaminated John must venture beyond his isolated retreat, and discovers that he is not alone. Breaking into an abandoned farmhouse he discovers a young couple about to have their first child. As supplies run low and tensions rise, John must weigh the desire for connection, with the instinct to survive. 

Location: Projection Room

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