Limited edition etching by Shaun McDowell

Shaun_McDowell_3 2.jpeg
Shaun_McDowell_3 2.jpeg

Limited edition etching by Shaun McDowell


Untitled, 2013

Etching, spite bite and aquatint, two plates, printed on Magnani paper
75 x 54 cm
edition of 30 plus 5 artist's proofs

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We present a small curated selection of etchings produced by Villa Lena Foundation in the past few years.
Four emerging British artists, past residents at Villa Lena, present visual studies on the classical subject of Figure and Landscape.

Whilst Shaun McDowell works in abstraction, his work is always rooted in the physical world. He starts with either a model or a landscape. Whilst painting at Villa Lena, he felt fully immersed in the Italian countryside and also the nature. Through form and colour, the print and each painting he made here resemble a sense of landscape with figure or animal energetically present. The colour in the works was undoubtedly a reflection of the vivid and saturated landscape of Tuscany he painted in, a sense echoed in the life and times experienced at Villa Lena itself.

Shaun McDowell (b. 1981, Sussex, UK) holds a BA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design, London.


Il Bisonte is a print-workshop for graphic arts founded in Florence in 1959 by Maria Luigia Guaita.
Many artists – both Italian and non – accepted the invitation to work at Il Bisonte. including members of the Futurist movement -
Gino Severini, Carlo Carrà, Alberto Magnelli, and such international stars as Pablo Picasso, Jacques Lipchitz, Helen Chadwick, Alexander Calder and Henry Moore.
In 1983 Il Bisonte became a non-profit Cultural Centre and opened an international school, with the focus to preserve the teaching and printing of the traditional engraving techniques.