Villa Lena Foundation is a not for profit organisation dedicated to supporting international contemporary artists working in art, music, film, literature, fashion and other creative disciplines and fostering opportunities for multi-disciplinary dialogue. The element of collaboration and exchange is one of the founding principals of the Foundation, with the hope that by bringing together different areas of practice, we will generate new creative outlooks, unparalleled research and exciting new impulses between the participants.

Villa Lena Foundation offers a residency program that runs from April to November each year in Tuscany, Italy. Located in the wild Tuscan countryside, but under an hour away from the beautiful and culturally dense cities of Florence and Pisa, the premises are surrounded by 500 hectares of woodland, rugged hills, olive groves and variety of flora and fauna. The residency is located on Villa Lena estate, which is also an agricultural domain, a hotel and a restaurant. For more information on Villa Lena estate, please visit

The Villa Lena Foundation residency offers artists a two-month stay, providing onsite accommodation, studio space and research support. Studio spaces range from shared spaces to 120 sq m individual studios. Residents are invited to live in the 19th century villa, which is the heart of the property. A program of regular talks, workshops and other events are run by the Foundation in collaboration with the residents to promote interaction and exchange of ideas both among the residents and with the wider community. Further facilities include high speed internet, wood and ceramic workshop and a screening/projection room. The Foundation provides high quality, heavily subsidised half board meals (breakfast and dinner) seven days a week for residents. The Foundation Advisory Board’s current members are: French curator Caroline Bourgeois, Brazilian fashion designer Barbara Casasola, journalist Charlie Porter, American music producer and rapper RZA and French record producer Philippe Zdar.

The residency co-exists with the hotel, which draws an international audience. The resident artists are also invited to participate in the agricultural activities of the domain, such as grape picking for wine, olive harvest, truffle hunts and foraging in the woods. The restaurant on site operates farm to table concept, with fresh ingredients grown in one of Villa Lena vegetable gardens or sourced from the local producers. It also runs chef in residency program with a rotation of international chefs whose cooking principles align with the organic and sustainable concepts of Villa Lena.